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FastCar   Library for Game Developers

Fast, precise and simple vehicle and multi-body simulation with Collision Detection.

Version 3.01

Some advantages over other packages:

FastCar library was designed by people with great experience in multi-body dynamics. The authors previously built a fast, versatile and very elaborate multi-body dynamics package that was used for many applications including games and vehicles. However, experience showed that a complex general purpose physics package and a versatile and efficient vehicle simulator for games are two very different things; so the decision was taken to build a separate small package for simulation of vehicles having speed and simplicity in mind. We did not expect to achieve such good results. During development a number of very successful solutions were found. As a result NO other packages can touch FastCar for the combination speed, physical accuracy and ease of use. Among many other advantages, the package is not supposed to pose any problems to you. Use it immediately after downloading. Furthermore, we provide intensive support but you will see that it is almost not needed.

FastCar in a sense connects opposite poles. While requiring least physical knowledge from user, FastCar is more physically comprehensive than available game physics packages, when it comes to car simulation. While having great amount of functionality, FastCar is simple to use and efficient to execute.


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Last updated: 26-11-04